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Refrigerators: Upgrading Appliances During a Kitchen Remodeling NJ Project

Last week we talked about the latest innovations we’re seeing among dishwashers and now we’ll chime in on the new updates available with today’s refrigerators.

Upgrading appliances is very common with any kitchen remodeling NJ project, and a new refrigerator is always on the wish list. Discover what’s new with this vital appliance and how technology is taking things to a previously unimaginable place.

Should you upgrade your refrigerator as part of a kitchen remodeling NJ project?

Installing new appliances during a renovation is always a good idea. It’s better to make these upgrades now than a few years down the road. When you know the specifications of the appliances, your design can work with them rather than against them. You want to make room for your dream refrigerator, don’t you? Imagine installing new kitchen cabinets and then learning your layout has now limited you to refrigerators you despise. Avoid that dilemma by planning for appliances as part of your kitchen remodeling NJ project. Here’s what you can also look forward to when you upgrade:

Doors that let you see inside without opening them

Do you ever find yourself staring inside of the refrigerator thinking about what you might want? Now you can just tap on your door and get a peak inside. Some newer models of refrigerators have added this feature as a way to prevent cold air loss and keep food fresher longer. You will also find that many of the recently manufactured refrigerators also have more compartments than previous models. This is to allow certain parts of the refrigerator to be accessed without exposing the entire unit.

Columns for wine

You’ve heard of a wine cooler, but are you familiar with a wine column? Wine enthusiasts can now dedicate an entire section of their kitchen to keeping their wine perfectly chilled. You will even see series of columns that can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate cooling unit. Your refrigerator, freezer, and wine can now be stored side-by-side in a perfectly accessible wino wonderland.

More customizable options for improved layouts

Another way these refrigerator columns can elevate your kitchen remodeling NJ project is by offering more layout options. Since the refrigerator and freezer (and wine column!) are separate entities, they don’t necessarily need to be right next to each other. This allows for much more creativity when designing your kitchen layout. Removable panels also allow for designing refrigerators that match your kitchen cabinets. If you don’t like the contrast of stainless steel or black appliances in between your kitchen cabinets, you can now customize your refrigerator to blend in with your cabinetry.

Better cooling systems for extended shelf life

Imagine what it would be like if your refrigerator had the power to extend the shelf life of your food. That is no longer a dream, it is a reality. New technology works to maximize food preservation with better climate control. Some even come equipped with LCD screens that monitors the current temperature so you know your unit is always working properly.

Fresher food, more luxuries, and better features are just a few of the new features you will enjoy when you upgrade your refrigerator as part of your kitchen remodeling NJ project. Don’t forget to scroll back to the last post to learn what’s new with dishwashers.


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Dishwashers: Upgrading Appliances During a Kitchen Remodeling NJ Project

When it comes to kitchen remolding NJ homeowners consider appliance upgrades essential – and we don’t blame them! The perfect time to upgrade appliances is during a remodel. You are able to get your specifications just right and elevate your new design with some new toys.

New technology and innovation has vastly improved our everyday appliances to provide more benefits to homeowners. Here we’ll share what’s new with dishwashers and how these updates mean big changes in your life.

Should you upgrade your dishwasher as part of a kitchen remodeling NJ project?

We’ve come a long way from two-rack dishwashers that leave dishes foggy and wet. Dishwashers in 2017 deliver functional features and aesthetic improvements that make it hard not to upgrade. Here’s what you can get by adding a new dishwasher to your kitchen remodeling NJ project.

Better loading capabilities

In the past, most dishwashers were space and water wasters. They didn’t properly utilize their space, and that resulted in running more loads. More loads = more time and more water.

Now you’ll find features like removable and adjustable racks that let you optimize each load and accommodate items of all different sizes. You’ll be able to fit significantly more items in each load, and will be able to position them more naturally thanks to new adjustable racks.

Improved washing and drying performance

New rotating water dispensers are able to improve the washing performance and clean more effectively. This means that even though you have more items in your dishwasher, they will actually be cleaned better than in that half-empty load. Items will come out cleaner than before, and drier. New drying systems circulate air much better, so you can skip that step where you open the door and let things “air dry” before putting them away in your kitchen cabinets.

Brighter lighting

Dishwashers are no longer a dark, scary place. Panels with LED lighting have been added to some models to illuminate dishwashers all over. Remember that time you found a fork in the back corner and had no idea how long it had been there? Yeah, that won’t happen again when you upgrade to a dishwasher with interior LED lights.

Less noise, more cycle options

Dishwashers are notoriously loud and disruptive, but now brands are focused on reducing noise and are boasting how quiet their models are. This is one feature that any host will appreciate. You no longer have to wait until your guests go home to start running the dishwasher! Modern dishwashers also have more cycle options. It’s not just “normal” or “heavy” anymore. Fast cycles, cycles for fragile items like wine glasses, and more have been added to the lineup.

Add a new dishwasher to your kitchen remodeling NJ project and reap these awesome updates

These dishwasher innovations are a dream come true. We love how technology is making our appliances more functional and our lives easier. If you have an older model, you should definitely consider installing a new dishwasher as part of your kitchen remodeling NJ project. Not only will your upgrade look better, it will work better, too! Schedule a free consultation or contact us to learn more.


Bathroom Vanities & Kitchen Cabinets 2017

5 Modern Home Additions to Lust After

What does your dream home look like? The possibilities are literally endless. Our team has the best job ever as we get to bring dreams to life on a daily basis. To see some of the magic we’re making in Fort Lee, Edgewater, Jersey City, or Hoboken, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We’re constantly updating our social media with our latest projects, and there are lots to lust after! Here are some of our favorite modern home additions:

1. Custom kitchen cabinets

Even if you’ve visited all of the kitchen showrooms NJ has to offer, you still haven’t seen our cabinets. Why’s that? Because our designs are exclusive, custom-made and we only keep them in our showroom! There is a striking difference with our designs, which is why our kitchen cabinets are one of our most sought after products. But don’t just take our word for it. Stop by our showroom and see for yourself.

2. Smart technology

Today it’s all about being as mobile as possible and using technology to simplify previously mundane tasks. Now all of those great features found in your phone and devices can improve your home as well. From kitchen cabinets that open at the touch of a button to syncing your phone to your stove, smart homes are no longer a futuristic fantasy reserved for films and TV. We can bring technology into your home with our modern designs and products.

3. Heated flooring

Never feel the freeze of winter on your floors again. Heated flooring is the ultimate luxury and you won’t believe how affordable it is. Installed underneath hard surfaces, in-floor or under-floor heating systems can be placed in any area of the home but are most popular in bathrooms. These systems are water resistant and are safely sealed beneath your tile or other hard surfaces. Warms floors are definitely one of the modern home additions our clients lust after!

4. Custom bathroom vanities

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t proud of our custom bathroom vanities. Just like our kitchen cabinets, these designs are state of the art and were specially made with our Fort Lee, Edgewater, Jersey City, and Hoboken clients in mind. Don’t get the wrong idea, our vendor list is top of line and the bathroom vanities we source from all over the world will wow like none other. But we found that our clients had specific wants and needs, and we didn’t want to disappoint. That is where our custom designs come in. Now you have the option of the ultimate luxury names as well as your very own Imperial Kitchen & Bath design.

5. Linear Fireplaces

You’ll actually look forward to winter with a linear fireplace, but you won’t even need an excuse to light it up since it’s run by remote control. We love the designs by Napoleon Fireplaces, which feature custom direct vent gas fireplaces. You have the option to choose the panels, trims, and media to create the perfect focal point for any room in your home. These fireplaces also have fuel-saving electric ignition and heat radiating ceramic glass. Pair all of these features with the clean face design and it’s no wonder linear fireplaces are one of the most lust after modern home additions.

Ready to bring these modern additions into your home? Contact us today about your free consultation.


Do You Know Bathroom Vanities 2017

Eliminate Bathroom Vanities 2017 Chaos with These Simple Storage Hacks

Bathroom Vanities 2017 – Toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies, cosmetics… what do you store in your bathroom vanities? If you’re like most of the residents in Fort Lee, Edgewater, Jersey City, or Hoboken, you probably wish your bathroom had better storage options. When taking on any bathroom remodeling NJ residents need, we show our clients the best bathroom vanities in the business and give them many storage options for their design. We even make custom bathroom vanities to meet your specific needs. We know what works in a bathroom, and that includes clever storage hacks to keep the clutter and chaos under control.

Here are some of our favorite storage hacks for bathrooms that don’t diminish the look or feel of the room.

1. Open shelving

Open shelving can be beneficial in many ways when it comes to storage.

You can use open shelves on their own, as a chic, open space for storing towels, or you can add some boxes or baskets on the shelves to store away items more discreetly. If you’re not familiar with open shelving, they can seem like the anti-storage solution. In fact, open shelves are just as useful as hidden shelves, but they provide a design function in addition to storage.

2. Drawer dividers

Some of the more modern bathroom vanities have limited drawer space, which is why dividers are so beneficial. When you have control of what’s in your drawers you won’t notice the lack of space because you won’t need it.

3. Clear organizers

There is also something to be said about seeing what you’re storing. Clear organizers are beneficial in bathroom vanities for two reasons. Firstly, they make storage more seamless as you can easily locate any item you need. Secondly, they make you more conscious of what you are keeping in your bathroom vanities and encourages you to throw out unnecessary items or move them to a more appropriate place in the home.

4. Vertical door racks

Adding door racks to the back of vanity cabinets proves to be the perfect storage solution for haircare and tools.

When you go to the salon is the hairdryer or curling iron in a drawer? No, it is hanging in a designated rack or station because this is the most natural way to store a hairdryer and other tools. Create your own haircare rack with vertical door racks.

5. Recessed shelving

What’s behind that fabulous glass mirror? You wouldn’t guess it was toiletries. We add sleek, recessed shelving in pristine locations to achieve the most space-saving storage solutions.

Recessed shelving uses your walls rather than your bathroom to create hidden storage that doesn’t steal space. They work great around bathroom vanities and even in showers.

6. Freestanding linen cabinet

Furniture in the bathroom is a popular theme and you can tap into this trend while also adding storage with a freestanding linen cabinet. While an in-wall cabinet is essentially a door to visitors, a freestanding linen cabinet adds an interesting element to the room while also giving you a designated area for keeping all your personal care items, paper products, and of course linens.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling NJ knows Imperial Kitchen & Bath is one of the best in service. We offer a free consultation and are ready when you are to discuss your bathroom remodel and solve your storage problems.

Kitchen Cabinets Storage Solutions

Kitchen Cabinets Storage Solutions 2017

6 Sleek Kitchen Cabinets Storage Solutions 2017

It’s not uncommon that the vision of kitchen remodeling NJ homeowners picture in their mind is a sleek, modern masterpiece. The goal is to get rid of the old and bring in a new, aesthetically pleasing design that is a welcoming workspace and a favorite destination for family members and friends. While sleek, clean, and seamless are often words used to describe our client’s dream kitchen, there is often a concern about storage. But there shouldn’t be! For 2017 Kitchen Cabinets Storage is Key!

You don’t have to sacrifice your storage just because you’re saying goodbye to bulky kitchen cabinets. There are plenty of sleek, design-friendly storage solutions for your kitchen cabinets storage solutions and pantry. Here are six of our favorite:

  1. You can use a door mounting kit to create the perfect hideaway for your garbage cans and recycling bins behind the doors of your kitchen cabinets. Your beautiful new kitchen is no place for dirty trash. With a simple door mount you keep the convenience of throwing things away in the kitchen without the unsightly (and floor space stealing) garbage cans.
  1. Mechanical lifts let you store small appliances (like a toaster or mixer) in your lower cabinets and easily access them with needed. The lift functions as a shelf when not in use (hidden away in your kitchen cabinets) and when you’re ready it extends as an addition to your countertop.
  1. Pull out cabinet organizers let you fully optimize all the space in your kitchen cabinets. You will no longer be blindly reaching to the back of cabinets because you can now pull out your shelves to find exactly what you’re looking for. This makes time spent in the kitchen run much smoothly and also makes the most out of the storage you have.
  1. Like pull out cabinet organizers, a Lazy Susan is another useful storage solution for kitchen cabinets. You know that corner cabinet that has extra storage space you can’t see? A Lazy Susan is an easy addition that gives you full accessibility to that previously dark and hidden area. Put that ice cream maker you use once a year and your margarita machine somewhere else, and use this prime piece of kitchen cabinet real estate for something that you use on a weekly basis.
  1. If your drawers are cluttered with aluminum foil, plastic wrap and Ziploc bags, you’re going to love vertical storage racks. You attach these racks to the back of your kitchen cabinet doors to organize all of those everyday items in a more convenient and clutter-free way.
  1. Another great kitchen organizer is simple dividers. They provide the perfect place for keeping large plates, baking sheets or trays. Rather than stack them all up (and scratch them up), dividers deliver a space-saving storage solution that will also salvage your baking and serving ware.

Ready to add some or all of these storage solutions to your kitchen cabinets? Now you know why we are one of the top contractors for kitchen remodeling NJ has to offer. Schedule your free consultation with us and let’s make your kitchen modern



5 Styles of BATHROOM VANITIES NJ Homeowners Love

We’ve come a long way from the basic bathroom vanities NJ saw in the 80s and 90s. Today, Fort Lee, Edgewater, Jersey City, and Hoboken residents have their choice of modern styles equipped with storage solutions that wow. Ready to discover what’s new and trending in 2017? Here are five styles of bathroom vanities NJ homeowners love.

  1. Furniture-like appeal that adds character and rustic charm.

A bathroom vanity can provide much more than your standard cabinets and drawers, and many of today’s designs are proving that with furniture-like features. Open shelving to display towels and washcloths is much more common, and provides a welcoming touch that perfectly complements rustic themes. We also see the overall look resembling a bedroom dresser more than a bathroom vanity. This free-standing feel of furniture in the bathroom brings a new sense of style, and is one of the characteristics of bathroom vanities NJ homeowners tend to choose.

  1. Sleek details rather than decorative panels.

There was a time when it was all about the ornate panels and intricate design. Now there is a preference towards sleek, flat cabinetry. This is one of the most popular bathroom vanities NJ homeowners seek when executing a modern theme. Some of the residents in Fort Lee, Edgewater, Jersey City, and Hoboken even prefer cabinets with no hardware. These styles feature slide away doors that allow you to access your storage in the sleekest way possible.

  1. Electronic functions for the tech savvy.

Another exciting trend in bathroom vanities NJ has really rallied behind is the advancement in electronic capabilities. Before, a bathroom vanity just had your simple mirror. Maybe it hid a medicine cabinet underneath where you could store a few toiletries. Now medicine cabinets aren’t just for keeping toothpaste. They have the capability to charge your razor or plug in your blow dryer. Some even have television screens built in to the mirror. That’s right, you can watch the news while you get ready in the morning or catch the last few minutes of the game while brushing your teeth at night!

  1. Floating, space-saving, wall-mounted bathroom vanities.

Another one of the more popular bathroom vanities NJ loves is the wall-mounted varieties. These modern vanities are mounted to the wall which gives them a floating effect and opens up floor space at the same time. They are very stylish and eye-catching, but they are also a great space saver. In a half-bath or guest bathroom, a wall-mounted bathroom vanity can make a big difference in a small space.

  1. Freestanding bathroom vanities.

In addition to wall-mounted bathroom vanities NJ is also a big fan of freestanding vanities. Some freestanding styles are very sleek and contemporary, while others have an almost vintage feel. Depending on which category the vanity falls under, they can fair well in either modern or rustic themed bathrooms. To get started on your bathroom remodel and discuss which theme is right for you, contact us and schedule your free bathroom design consultation.


You are also welcome to visit our showroom and see our selection of some of the best bathroom vanities NJ has to offer. We serve Fort Lee, Edgewater, Jersey City, Hoboken and the surrounding areas.


Signs You Are Ready for Kitchen Remodeling NJ – 2017!

6 Signs You Need Our Kitchen Remodeling NJ – 2017 Services

Have you been browsing design and build firms to see what kind of kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 has to offer? When deciding to give any part of your home a makeover, you want to feel comfortable that you are hiring the right contractor and picking the right design.

At Imperial Kitchen & Bath, we try to make both of those decisions as easy as possible. We are a design, supply and build firm, which means we not only lay the blueprint for your project and provide you with the products and materials needed, but we bring your vision to life. As a one-stop-shop we deliver some of the most efficient kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 has available.

To determine if your kitchen is in need of an update, here are six signs that you need our kitchen remodeling NJ services.

1. Your appliances are seriously outdated.

What color is your refrigerator and dishwasher? If the answer is white or yellow, we need to talk. One sure sign of an outdated kitchen is outdated appliances. Not only do new appliances look better but most of them are equipped with smart technology. And if you’re not using technology in the kitchen, you’re missing out. Today’s appliances have capabilities that add so much convenience to our daily lives. We are one of the top kitchen showrooms NJ has for smart kitchens. Take a look of our vendor list or stop by!

2. New appliances can’t fit.

Let’s piggyback on that last sign. If the reason you don’t have new appliances is that they can’t fit in your current kitchen, it’s time for an update. Your layout might not be conducive to new appliances and that’s a problem.

3. You hate cooking in your kitchen, or even spending time there.

Another easy way to determine if your kitchen is in need of a remodel is how much you actually like being there. If the layout is bad, you lack countertop space, and your kitchen cabinets are overstocked, of course you’d rather not cook dinner there. It’s time to upgrade to a better layout and update fixtures and furniture. You need our kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 services!

4. You lack adequate storage.

Older kitchen designs tended to slack on storage solutions. While modern kitchen cabinets have built in organizers and are designed for optimal use, your cabinetry set from the 90s probably is not.

5. Your kitchen cabinets are falling apart and countertops are stained.

Overtime, the age of your kitchen cabinets will become very clear. Doors will creak or bang shut. Drawers will wobble. Your hardware will look antiquated. Your kitchen cabinets will scream, “It’s time for us to retire!” and you should listen to them. Countertops are also a dead giveaway. Eventually they become so porous that everything from coffee to pasta sauce will stain in seconds. If your kitchen cabinets and countertops are starting to show their age, it’s a sure sign you need our kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 services.

6. You have the budget – you just don’t know what you want.

Sometimes the only problem with kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 homeowners have is they can’t commit to an idea. Having a fear of commitment is a common reason to stall on a kitchen remodel. But if you have the budget and your kitchen is in need of an update, it’s time to take the plunge! At Imperial Kitchen & Bath we offer free design consultations to make the process of deciding on a design a lot less stressful. Browse our portfolio, see what we’ve done, and let’s get to work on your new kitchen.

Find out why our clients say we offer some of the best kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 has ever seen! Contact us to schedule your free design consultation.


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Kitchen Remodeling NJ

Its all in the color for 2017! – Kitchen Cabinets NJ

Best Color Combos for Kitchen Cabinets

As owners of one of the most modern kitchen showrooms NJ has to offer, we make it a priority to stay on top of the industry’s best. We want our clients to have access to all of the top products, most cutting-edge designs, and current trends in interior decorating.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with the newest designs and builds from Imperial Kitchen & Bath, and always check back here on the blog for new posts!

Today we’re sharing one popular trend in kitchen cabinets that allows you to add contrast and visual interest to the room. This trend flourished as custom kitchen cabinets become more accessible, and there was no longer a need to limit cabinets to one color.

A two-tone color scheme for kitchen cabinets is a modern and interesting way to add diversity to the room and these are a few of our favorite color combinations.

  1. Pretty Much Anything + White Kitchen Cabinets

When you are working with a neutral shade like with white kitchen cabinets, your possibilities for a second cabinet color are pretty much endless. You can go with another neutral, like grey or natural wood, or a bright color like green that complements the color scheme in the room.

  1. Red + Black Kitchen Cabinets

Red and black are a popular choice in ultra contemporary kitchens, as well as more vintage themed rooms. This color combination makes a statement, and is reserved for homeowners that are not color shy.

  1. Grey + Blue-Green Kitchen Cabinets

Grey and blue-green are a beautiful contrast. Turquoise, aqua, and teal are some of the more popular shades in the blue-green family, and we find that they play off each other perfectly. This is a great color combo for kitchen cabinets when homeowners are a bit more reserved when it comes to color.

  1. Light Blue + Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

A mash up of two shades of the same color is another subtle way to achieve a two-tone color scheme. One of our favorite duos within this approach is light blue and dark blue. Imagine a clear bright sky meeting the dark waters of the ocean. This combo creates an interesting relationship that is very striking but very soft at the same time.

  1. Natural Wood Finish + Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Industrial chic is definitely a popular theme that will continue into 2017. Combining natural wood and grey kitchen cabinets is a great foundation for achieving this style of design. You get the best of both worlds – the beauty of the outdoors and sleek, modern style.

Things to keep in mind when choosing color combos for kitchen cabinets:

  • Whenever going with a two-tone color scheme for your kitchen cabinets it is important to consider the other elements of the room and how they can provide support. That might mean tying your grey and white kitchen cabinets together with a marble countertop or a backsplash that blends two contrasting colors.
  • A two-tone color scheme doesn’t have to just include your wall and base cabinets. You can certainly do your wall and base cabinets the same color and then have your secondary color fall on your kitchen island.
  • Choose complementary shades. We hope this post provided some inspiring color examples but if you don’t go with any of the provided ideas, do be cautious when choosing colors. It is important that the two tones do not clash — and create more of an eye sore than a focal point!

Find out why our clients say we have one of the best kitchen showrooms NJ has ever seen! We are open Monday through Saturday, and Sunday by appointment. Come take a tour and see our beautiful kitchen cabinets for yourself!


Do you think you know all the current Kitchen Trends?

Kitchen Cabinets in 2017: Discover the Current Trends

Imperial Kitchen & Bath has secured a reputation for having one of the most modern kitchen showrooms NJ has ever seen. We are able to stock our showroom with the top cutting-edge designs by remaining educated in the industry and constantly learning about the new styles and technology available. Our kitchen cabinets are no exception.

Cabinetry has seen extreme growth over the past ten years and we’ve witnessed a drastic evolution in style and technology in a very short period of time. In this post, we will walk you through some of the current trends available to homeowners in 2017 to ensure you get the most out of your new kitchen cabinets.  

Experience one of the best kitchen showrooms NJ has ever seen! Stop by to see our state of the art kitchen cabinets or contact us to make an appointment.


2017 Trend: Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets have become more popular and attainable in recent years. Endless possibilities are now available to homeowners and their designers, and we are able to create beautiful designs with ease. With the power put in your hands, you are able to decide which features and functionality matter most in your kitchen cabinets.


2017 Trend: Hydraulic Easy-Close Kitchen Cabinets

Bulky, heavy cabinet doors that bang and creak are a thing of the past. The new trend is easy-close kitchen cabinets that open and close at the touch of a button. Smart technology has found its way into all elements of the kitchen, and we are glad to see kitchen cabinets that function with the future in mind.


Visit one of the most modern kitchen showrooms NJ has to offer. We are open Monday through Saturday, and Sunday by appointment.


2017 Trend: Storage Solutions for Kitchen Cabinets

For most homeowners, functionality and storage capabilities are ranked as highly as the style of their kitchen cabinets. We understand the importance of maintaining an organized home, which is why we’re so excited to share some of the storage solutions that are currently trending. From multi-tiered drawers to built-in organizers, the cabinets in our showroom feature upgrades for a functional and well kept kitchen.  


2017 Trend: Wider Range of Quartz Countertops

The popularity of quartz countertops continues to rise, and because of this we are seeing more and more color options to choose from. That means homeowners can get a great, durable material in the perfect shade to complement their new kitchen cabinets. Quartz is a top material for countertops because it is nonporous, heat resistant, and strong against scratches and spills. Its top competitor (natural stone) falls short in all of these categories, which is why those who like to cook or entertain opt for quartz.


Find out why we are one of the kitchen showrooms NJ homeowners love! Take a look at our vendor list and see some of the great products we offer at Imperial Kitchen & Bath.  


Which are the best design themes for White Kitchen Cabinets?

5 Best Themes for White Kitchen Cabinets

At Imperial Kitchen & Bath, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best kitchen remodeling NJ has to offer. We believe our difference is a combination of award-winning customer service and a design-savvy team that doesn’t just “build kitchens” but brings dream kitchens to life.

We follow the trends, we listen to our clients and we collaborate on the vision to determine the best design and products for each and every kitchen remodeling NJ needs.  

One of those top trends and sought after products is white kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets are clean and fresh. They deliver a feeling of newness that lasts long after your kitchen remodel is complete. They are also a blank canvas, and are able to become one with the theme they are emerged into. From a sleek, modern theme to a cabin chic kitchen design, here are five of the best themes for white kitchen cabinets.

Find out about the kitchen remodeling NJ homeowners love! Contact us to schedule a free design consultation.


  1. Modern

Minimal transitions, seamless style, and an x-factor that can only described as “wow”! Modern themes are a great foundation for white kitchen cabinets. They complement a neutral, monotone color scheme, and highlight the up-to-date features and appliances in your contemporary kitchen.


  1. Traditional

Never old, forever timeless. A traditional kitchen theme goes back to the roots, remembering all of the favorite parts of the past and making them new again. When designing your traditional theme, white kitchen cabinets are one staple that you’ll surely want to include. For kitchen remodeling NJ homeowners rave about, consider this: white shaker cabinets are a classic cabinet style that are very popular in traditional kitchens.


  1. Country

Find sweet, southern charm in your home no matter where you live with a country theme. This cheery and welcoming style is just right for white kitchen cabinets. They bring an extra layer of brightness that feels like a morning on the farm. Give your kitchen a breath of fresh air with white kitchen cabinets.


  1. Cottage

To make your cottage kitchen theme a little cozier, consider white kitchen cabinets. They are a great focal point for all the pretty details typically found in a cottage kitchen. Marble backsplash, hardwood floors, and exposed shiplap will look that much sweeter with a beautiful backdrop of white cabinetry.


  1. Rustic

Natural wood is no longer the only suitable finish for cabinets in rustic kitchens. This industrial theme is evolving and so are the elements found within. One newer addition that is right on trend for rustic themes is white kitchen cabinets. They add an interesting element, especially next to weathered paneling. For a truly striking combination, add some weathered redwood paneling that has been treated with a grey tinted natural oil.


Want the best kitchen remodeling NJ has to offer? Contact us to schedule your free design consultation.