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Imperial Kitchen and Bath: The Best Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

One of the first things you will learn when you drop by Imperial's Bergen County Kitchen Remodeling and Bergen County Bathroom Remodeling design center for a consultation is that there are three types of kitchen and bath design services.


Consider these services as different levels of involvement, ranging from the least to the most. How involved your construction management services will be for your kitchen and bath renovation will be determined by several factors.


These factors include:


  • The current condition of the space
  • The scope of your objectives
  • The specifics of your kitchen and bath interior design vision
  • Your available resources

Level 1: Cosmetic

Replacement of easily dismantled components is all that is required for a cosmetic remodel. The objective is to avoid high costs and downtime while maintaining a novelty state.


A cosmetic redesign of a bathroom remodeling service may include replacing the fixtures, vanity, mirrors, lighting, accessories, and paint. An upgrade to the countertops, backsplash, appliances, cabinet hardware, and paint is typical for this type of kitchen remodeling services project.

Level 2: Pull & Replace

A more extensive makeover is achieved through a pull and replace or intermediate renovation. Except for the actual layout, you may use it to replace your entire kitchen or bathroom.


New flooring, new cabinets, and upgraded lighting and electrical work are just some of the features included in these upgrades to your kitchen or bathroom services. The bathroom's tub and shower may get new fixtures too. Most homeowners who want to completely change the look of their kitchen and bathroom choose a pull-and-replace approach, whether for a Modern Design Kitchen and Bath or a European Kitchen and Bath & nbsp.

Level 3: Custom

Pull-and-replace is dramatic, but a custom renovation, usually called a total gut or redo, is even more so. You can ask kitchen or bathroom remodeling contractors to change everything on this level.


Once more, this level encompasses all the preceding levels and more. You can consult kitchen and bath remodeling contractors at this stage for work involving the space's structure, plumbing, electrical wiring, and general functionality.


You should visit their showroom to get a better feel of what it is like to work with the kitchen and bath remodeling company you will hire.

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A professional remodeling firm should put you at ease and give you all the information you need to make the various decisions that come with a home renovation. Homeowners can demonstrate their attention to detail on the job site by maintaining a clean and organized showroom.


Before the first nail gets driven, the showroom is a great place to get a feel for the materials and the project's final look. It is also a great chance to evaluate the staff's level of warmth and assistance.


Since home renovations typically take several months to complete, you should only maintain regular contact with experts who are genuinely invested in the project and can deliver results that exceed your expectations.


Imperial Kitchen and Bath can offer homeowners samples of worktops, cabinets, stains, paint, glazed tile, LED lighting, plumbing fittings, lighting fixtures, and more for any kitchen, bathroom, or room expansion project.


Schedule a showroom visit with an Imperial Kitchen and Bath builder today.