Which are the best design themes for White Kitchen Cabinets?

5 Best Themes for White Kitchen Cabinets

At Imperial Kitchen & Bath, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best kitchen remodeling NJ has to offer. We believe our difference is a combination of award-winning customer service and a design-savvy team that doesn’t just “build kitchens” but brings dream kitchens to life.

We follow the trends, we listen to our clients and we collaborate on the vision to determine the best design and products for each and every kitchen remodeling NJ needs.  

One of those top trends and sought after products is white kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets are clean and fresh. They deliver a feeling of newness that lasts long after your kitchen remodel is complete. They are also a blank canvas, and are able to become one with the theme they are emerged into. From a sleek, modern theme to a cabin chic kitchen design, here are five of the best themes for white kitchen cabinets.

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  1. Modern

Minimal transitions, seamless style, and an x-factor that can only described as “wow”! Modern themes are a great foundation for white kitchen cabinets. They complement a neutral, monotone color scheme, and highlight the up-to-date features and appliances in your contemporary kitchen.


  1. Traditional

Never old, forever timeless. A traditional kitchen theme goes back to the roots, remembering all of the favorite parts of the past and making them new again. When designing your traditional theme, white kitchen cabinets are one staple that you’ll surely want to include. For kitchen remodeling NJ homeowners rave about, consider this: white shaker cabinets are a classic cabinet style that are very popular in traditional kitchens.


  1. Country

Find sweet, southern charm in your home no matter where you live with a country theme. This cheery and welcoming style is just right for white kitchen cabinets. They bring an extra layer of brightness that feels like a morning on the farm. Give your kitchen a breath of fresh air with white kitchen cabinets.


  1. Cottage

To make your cottage kitchen theme a little cozier, consider white kitchen cabinets. They are a great focal point for all the pretty details typically found in a cottage kitchen. Marble backsplash, hardwood floors, and exposed shiplap will look that much sweeter with a beautiful backdrop of white cabinetry.


  1. Rustic

Natural wood is no longer the only suitable finish for cabinets in rustic kitchens. This industrial theme is evolving and so are the elements found within. One newer addition that is right on trend for rustic themes is white kitchen cabinets. They add an interesting element, especially next to weathered paneling. For a truly striking combination, add some weathered redwood paneling that has been treated with a grey tinted natural oil.


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