Do you think you know all the current Kitchen Trends?

Kitchen Cabinets in 2017: Discover the Current Trends

Imperial Kitchen & Bath has secured a reputation for having one of the most modern kitchen showrooms NJ has ever seen. We are able to stock our showroom with the top cutting-edge designs by remaining educated in the industry and constantly learning about the new styles and technology available. Our kitchen cabinets are no exception.

Cabinetry has seen extreme growth over the past ten years and we’ve witnessed a drastic evolution in style and technology in a very short period of time. In this post, we will walk you through some of the current trends available to homeowners in 2017 to ensure you get the most out of your new kitchen cabinets.  

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2017 Trend: Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets have become more popular and attainable in recent years. Endless possibilities are now available to homeowners and their designers, and we are able to create beautiful designs with ease. With the power put in your hands, you are able to decide which features and functionality matter most in your kitchen cabinets.


2017 Trend: Hydraulic Easy-Close Kitchen Cabinets

Bulky, heavy cabinet doors that bang and creak are a thing of the past. The new trend is easy-close kitchen cabinets that open and close at the touch of a button. Smart technology has found its way into all elements of the kitchen, and we are glad to see kitchen cabinets that function with the future in mind.


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2017 Trend: Storage Solutions for Kitchen Cabinets

For most homeowners, functionality and storage capabilities are ranked as highly as the style of their kitchen cabinets. We understand the importance of maintaining an organized home, which is why we’re so excited to share some of the storage solutions that are currently trending. From multi-tiered drawers to built-in organizers, the cabinets in our showroom feature upgrades for a functional and well kept kitchen.  


2017 Trend: Wider Range of Quartz Countertops

The popularity of quartz countertops continues to rise, and because of this we are seeing more and more color options to choose from. That means homeowners can get a great, durable material in the perfect shade to complement their new kitchen cabinets. Quartz is a top material for countertops because it is nonporous, heat resistant, and strong against scratches and spills. Its top competitor (natural stone) falls short in all of these categories, which is why those who like to cook or entertain opt for quartz.


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Bathroom Remodeling in NJ is ready for a winter retreat!

Convert Your Master Bathroom Remodeling NJ into a Winter Retreat
Is winter making you weary? Icy temperatures can really take the joy out of the most festive time of year. But imagine starting each morning and ending each day in the comforts of your warm and cozy spa bathroom. You don’t have to just dream it you can live it! These easy bathroom updates can turn any Tenafly bathroom into a true winter retreat.
Heated Flooring in Hoboken
Installed beneath the tile or flooring in your bathroom remodeling nj, electric floor heating provides warmth from the bottom up keeping floors nice and toasty even on the coldest winter days. Electric floor heating is an inexpensive upgrade and an easy add-on when replacing the flooring in your Hoboken bathroom. Safe to use with any hard surface, under floor heating remains protected beneath floors and won’t be damaged by the everyday water exposure that most bathrooms encounter. Once installed, your electric floor heating can be controlled manually through a digital remote that allows you to turn your system off and on, and control the temperature settings.
Steam Showers in Edgewater
How relaxing is it to sit in the steam room after a deep tissue massage or a strenuous workout? Allow yourself that same indulgence every day by installing a steam shower in your master bath. This affordable luxury doesn’t even require a edgewater bathroom remodeling nj. You can choose to replace your shower with a new enclosure or simply add a steam system or generator to your current shower. There are many different options and brands to accommodate every budget. Splurge or save, we guarantee after one use you’ll agree a steam shower is worth every penny spent.
Heated Toilets in Fort Lee
Modern toilets from Kohler and TOTO take into account all of the luxuries consumers are looking for. From wall-hung options to multiple flush capabilities, today’s toilets are not only space-efficient and water saving but also more comfortable. In winter feel the difference with heated toilet seats, a common feature in many of the styles we stock.
Towel Warmers in Fort Lee
This inexpensive accessory is a favorite in Hudson and Bergen County homes. After a warm bath or shower the last thing you want to experience is the shock of cold air. A towel warmer makes the transition from water a bit easier, heating your towel while you bathe so you can wrap yourself up in warmth the second you step out.


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Pre Tax Season Tenafly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

File Taxes Early and Plan a brand new Tenafly Kitchen Remodeling Project for Spring!
Tax season will be here before you know it and while filing early isn’t always the top priority on a to do list, it could mean some cash back your way sooner. Rather than blow that extra dough on a new iPhone or wardrobe, why not invest it in your home instead? Two of the best returns on investment for homes in Tenafly are bathrooms and kitchens. Renovating these rooms will help your home keep its value should you decide to sell down the road — and makes your home more comfortable for you and your family today. Kitchen Remodeling in Tenafly is one of your best choices in regards to return on your hard earned tax return!
Tenafly Bathroom Remodeling
Whether it’s a small powder room or a master bath, we can make any room more comfortable and functional with a few modern updates. From space saving wall-mounted bathroom vanities to sleek recessed shower shelves, our specialty is optimizing a room to feel larger and appear more contemporary. Your dream bathroom isn’t as out of reach as you think. We can work with any budget and any wish list to create a bathroom worth bragging about. We also implement a strict no-stress policy. Clients have the courtesy of unlimited contract revisions and up to three layout revisions with any of our bathroom remodel packages. To take the measurements and the first step towards your new Tenafly bathroom remodeling and tenafly kitchen remodeling, contact us today to set up your free in home consultation.
Tenafly Kitchen Remodeling
A kitchen is the heart of the home and we take our work there seriously. Our kitchen remodeling packages cover everything from the initial design to clean up when construction is complete. Our team will craft up the perfect floor plan for your project, accounting for your new kitchen cabinets, appliances, storage and lighting. We’ll source supplies straight from our showroom, ensuring you have the top quality products to complement your kitchen renovation. At Imperial Kitchen & Bath we are full service Bergen County contractors and can guarantee a seamless Tenafly bathroom remodel from start to finish.