Signs You Are Ready for Kitchen Remodeling NJ – 2017!

6 Signs You Need Our Kitchen Remodeling NJ – 2017 Services

Have you been browsing design and build firms to see what kind of kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 has to offer? When deciding to give any part of your home a makeover, you want to feel comfortable that you are hiring the right contractor and picking the right design.

At Imperial Kitchen & Bath, we try to make both of those decisions as easy as possible. We are a design, supply and build firm, which means we not only lay the blueprint for your project and provide you with the products and materials needed, but we bring your vision to life. As a one-stop-shop we deliver some of the most efficient kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 has available.

To determine if your kitchen is in need of an update, here are six signs that you need our kitchen remodeling NJ services.

1. Your appliances are seriously outdated.

What color is your refrigerator and dishwasher? If the answer is white or yellow, we need to talk. One sure sign of an outdated kitchen is outdated appliances. Not only do new appliances look better but most of them are equipped with smart technology. And if you’re not using technology in the kitchen, you’re missing out. Today’s appliances have capabilities that add so much convenience to our daily lives. We are one of the top kitchen showrooms NJ has for smart kitchens. Take a look of our vendor list or stop by!

2. New appliances can’t fit.

Let’s piggyback on that last sign. If the reason you don’t have new appliances is that they can’t fit in your current kitchen, it’s time for an update. Your layout might not be conducive to new appliances and that’s a problem.

3. You hate cooking in your kitchen, or even spending time there.

Another easy way to determine if your kitchen is in need of a remodel is how much you actually like being there. If the layout is bad, you lack countertop space, and your kitchen cabinets are overstocked, of course you’d rather not cook dinner there. It’s time to upgrade to a better layout and update fixtures and furniture. You need our kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 services!

4. You lack adequate storage.

Older kitchen designs tended to slack on storage solutions. While modern kitchen cabinets have built in organizers and are designed for optimal use, your cabinetry set from the 90s probably is not.

5. Your kitchen cabinets are falling apart and countertops are stained.

Overtime, the age of your kitchen cabinets will become very clear. Doors will creak or bang shut. Drawers will wobble. Your hardware will look antiquated. Your kitchen cabinets will scream, “It’s time for us to retire!” and you should listen to them. Countertops are also a dead giveaway. Eventually they become so porous that everything from coffee to pasta sauce will stain in seconds. If your kitchen cabinets and countertops are starting to show their age, it’s a sure sign you need our kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 services.

6. You have the budget – you just don’t know what you want.

Sometimes the only problem with kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 homeowners have is they can’t commit to an idea. Having a fear of commitment is a common reason to stall on a kitchen remodel. But if you have the budget and your kitchen is in need of an update, it’s time to take the plunge! At Imperial Kitchen & Bath we offer free design consultations to make the process of deciding on a design a lot less stressful. Browse our portfolio, see what we’ve done, and let’s get to work on your new kitchen.

Find out why our clients say we offer some of the best kitchen remodeling NJ – 2017 has ever seen! Contact us to schedule your free design consultation.


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